Zoom Information

Zoom Information

The Senate uses Zoom to host virtual and hybrid Senate Meetings. Senators may use either the Zoom mobile app or connect to Zoom via a web browser to join the Senate meeting.

The Senate uses the Zoom webinar format. All participants MUST sign-in at umd.zoom.us using their UMD Directory ID and password prior to joining the Senate meeting, or they will be put in a waiting room and may not be admitted to the meeting, based on guidance from the Division of Information Technology to avoid Zoombombing.


  • Senators will receive an email from Zoom with an invitation to join the Senate meeting as a Panelist. Senators must use the link in that email to join the Senate meeting. 



  • If a participant attempts to join the Zoom session before it has been opened by the Senate Staff, they will receive this message:



  • When joining, Senators will see the following notice:



  • When joining the Zoom webinar, all Senators will be Panelists, which means they will have access to features that members of the campus community will not have when they join the meeting as an Attendee. 


  • If a Senator joins the meeting and is in the Attendee list, or if a member of the campus community is recognized to speak, the Senate Staff will promote them to a Panelist role. The individual will need to accept the transition from Attendee to Panelist. 



  • As a Panelist, you will see your fellow Senators in the Participants list.



  • Members of the campus community who are not Senators will be listed in the Attendees list.


  • Panelists may rename themselves by clicking on “More” next to their name in the Participants menu. First, locate the "More" button, here:



  • Then, click to see options and select "Rename"



  • Panelists must use the Raise Hand feature to ask to speak. The Raise Hand feature is located on the bottom of the Zoom screen.



  • All Panelists and Attendees will be muted and will not be able to unmute themselves. Upon joining the meeting or when attempting to unmute, you may see the following message.



  • Zoom may ask you to give the Senate Director or Senate Staff permission to unmute you during the meeting, in order to make it easier to unmute you when you are recognized to speak during the meeting. 



  • When the Senate Chair recognizes a Participant to speak, they will be unmuted by the host. Participants may have to give permission to unmute, or may be unmuted by the host. Zoom will notify you when you have been unmuted.



  • Panelists may use the chat feature to communicate with their fellow Senators. The chat will not be monitored by the Senate Chair, so the chat cannot be used for time-sensitive issues. The chat may be used by Senators to raise Points of Order or Points of Information; the Senate Staff will inform the Senate Chair and Parliamentarian when Points of Order or Points of Information are raised in the chat. When new messages appear in chat, a red icon will appear, as below.



  • A popup of the chat message may also appear.




During the Senate meeting, if you have any trouble accessing the meeting via Zoom, voting via TurningPoint, or if you experience other technical difficulties, please email senatemeetinghelp@umd.edu for immediate support from IT staff.

If you have any trouble setting up an account or logging into Turning Point, please do not hesitate to contact the Senate Office (senate-admin@umd.edu).