Campus Transportation Advisory Committee

Chair: Mary Hummel (mlhummel@umd.edu)
Contact: Valerie Goubeau (vgoubeau@umd.edu)

The Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) advises the Vice President for Student Affairs on parking and transportation issues, including topics such as the review of fee proposals, policies regarding metered parking, and Shuttle UM routes. CTAC usually meets once per month during the academic year.  

The committee membership consists of an Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, who serves as presiding officer; three faculty representatives, four staff representatives, and one undergraduate representative, all elected by the Senate; and one representative of the Graduate Student Government, one representative of the Student Government Association, one Commuter Association representative, and one Residence Hall Association representative, all appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs. The chairs of the Campus Affairs Committee and Staff Affairs Committee (or their designees) and the Executive Director of the Department of Transportation Services also serve as ex-officio members.

Elections for the Senate-elected seats are typically conducted at the Annual Transistion Meeting of the Senate in early May. If you are interested in running for a position on CTAC, please contact the Senate Office at senate-admin@umd.edu for more information.

Past Committee Work

Council Members

Alipio, JolantaStaff MemberCMNSjalipio@umd.edu2021
Allen, JohnChairVPAFjdallen@umd.edu2020
Bedaque, PauloFaculty MemberCMNSbedaque@umd.edu2020
Broadwater, HerbertRHA RepresentativeINELhbroadwa@umd.edu2019
Ellis, DevinFaculty MemberBSOSellisd@umd.edu2022
Gallion, BryanRHA PresidentJOURbgallion@umd.edu2019
Goff, SarahStaff Affairs Committee RepBSOSsegofft@umd.edu2020
Han, XuGSG RepresentativePUAFhanshan90@gmail.com2019
Johnson, ChristopherAlumni Association RepVPURcjohns01@umd.edu2019
Lesley, IrelandSGA RepresentativeBSOSilesley@umd.edu2020
Phillips, KrisFacilities Management RepresentativeVPAFkphilli5@umd.edu2020
Rappeport, AnnieGSG PresidentEDUCarappepo@terpmail.umd.edu2019
Ridings, KellyStaff MemberVPSAktavenn@umd.edu2020
Rozman, OlgaStaff MemberVPSAorozman@umd.edu2021
Scala, ArmandDOTS RepresentativeVPAFascala@umd.edu2019
Schonfeld, PaulFaculty MemberENGRpschon@umd.edu2021
Sparks, NathanStaff MemberVPAFnsparks1@umd.edu2022
Tan, JasonUndergraduate SenatorCMNSjasontan@umd.edu2020
Zimmerman, JoCampus Affairs Committee RepSPHLjzimmer1@umd.edu2020