Athletic Council

Athletic Council

Chair: Nicholas Hadley (
Contact: Cody Gambler (

The University Athletic Council exists to help the University develop and maintain the best possible intercollegiate athletic program consistent with the academic integrity of the institution and the academic and social development of student athletes. The Athletic Council is the primary body which advises the President on all matters relating to intercollegiate athletics. It is responsible for formulation and recommendation of policy matters affecting intercollegiate athletics and for monitoring the implementation of such policy by the intercollegiate athletics program. The Council, on behalf of the President, provides the necessary faculty input and participation in intercollegiate athletics as required by the Big Ten Conference, National Collegiate Athletic Association and the University of Maryland. The Council does not execute policy, but serves to influence policy development and administration. More information about the council can be found on the Terrapin Athlethics website.

The Athletic Council membership includes seven faculty representatives and one staff representative that are elected by the Senate (click on the link below for full membership information). Elections for the Senate-elected seats are typically conducted at the Annual Transistion Meeting of the Senate in early May. If you are interested in running for a position on the Athletic Council, please contact the Senate Office at for more information.

Past Committee Work

Council Members

Arria, AmeliaFaculty Council MemberSPHLaarria@umd.edu2021
Barbarin, OscarFaculty Council MemberBSOSbarbarin@umd.edu2021
Coles, KimFaculty Council MemberARHUkcoles@umd.edu2022
Hadley, NicholasChair of the councilCMNShadley@umd.edu2021
Jones, AngelaFaculty Council MemberENGRajones21@umd.edu2022