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The University Library Council (ULC) was the first Council established to provide joint oversight of a University activity by the College Park Senate and by the supervising Vice President. Councils are authorized in Article 8.6 of the University of Maryland Plan of Organization for Shared Governance. General rules concerning Councils are given in Article 8 of the Bylaws of the University Senate, and the structure and mission of the ULC are described in Article 9 of the Bylaws. The Bylaws of the University Library Council can be found in Appendix 1 of the Bylaws of the University Senate.

The ULC is advisory to the Dean of Libraries. It is appointed jointly by the Provost and the Senate, and reports to both. The specific membership of the ULC is defined in the Senate Bylaws. The ULC meets regularly, usually with the Dean of Libraries, and advises him/her on all library issues of interest to the University community.

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Council Members

Basu, ProgyanFacultyBMGTpbasu@rhsmith.umd.edu2021
Bertot, JohnEx-Officio - Provost's RepSVPAAPjbertot@umd.edu2020
Boudreaux, MichelFacultySPHLmhb@umd.edu2020
Butler, BrianChair of the councilINFObsbutler@umd.edu2022
Coleman, LindaFacultyARHUlkc@umd.edu2021
Cumings, JohnFacultyENGRcumings@umd.edu2021
Dugan, LauraEx-Officio - Senate Chair-ElectBSOSldugan@umd.edu2020
Farquhar, JamesFacultyCMNSjfarquha@umd.edu2021
Haggh-Huglo, BarbaraFacultyARHUhaggh@umd.edu2020
Koivisto, JosephLibrary FacultyLIBRjkoivist@umd.edu2020
Mack, DanielEx-Officio - Libraries RepLIBRdmack@umd.edu2020
Oliveira, MarcioEx-Officio - Division of IT RepDITmarcio@umd.edu2020
Sahyoun, NadineFacultyAGNRnsahyoun@umd.edu2021
Shariq, DeenaFacultyBSOSdshariq@umd.edu2020
Starr, BrittanyGraduate StudentARHUbstarr@umd.edu2020
Svoysky, AbigailUndergraduate StudentCMNSasvoysky@umd.edu2020
Wang, MinFacultyEDUCminwang@umd.edu2020