Information for Current Senators

Information for Current Senators

Senators are elected and appointed representatives drawn from each of the constituencies that make up the campus community: faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Senators act as liaisons between members of their constituency and the Senate body. The governing documents of the University, i.e. the Plan of Organization and the Bylaws of the University Senate, outline the apportionment for each of these constituencies. 

Preparing for Senate Meetings

Prior to each Senate meeting, Senators are responsible for reviewing the reports and recommendations to be discussed and preparing for discussion, debate, and voting at each Senate meeting. Senators have the ability to introduce non-Senators to speak on the Senate floor.

Senate meeting materials are posted on the website one week prior to each meeting. Senators will receive an email with a link to the materials, and may review the materials at any time by clicking on the materials link on the Senate Meetings page. 

Senators who will be unable to attend a Senate meeting or who plan to arrive late must notify the Senate Office of their absence, so that quorum can be calculated appropriately before each meeting. Senators should submit an excused absence request form by 1pm on the day of the Senate meeting using the link in the reminder email or the form linked on the Senate Meetings page.

Joining Virtual Senate Meetings

Senators should familiarize themselves with the rules and procedures related to virtual Senate meetings, using the tools below. 

During the Senate meeting, if you have any trouble accessing the meeting via Zoom, voting via TurningPoint, or if you experience other technical difficulties, please email for immediate support from IT staff. 

Helpful Tools for Senators