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Submit A Proposal

To submit a proposal to the Senate Office send us an email at, call at 301-405-5805, or write to us at University of Maryland Senate Office, 1100 Marie Mount Hall, College Park, MD 20742-7541 . Please prepare the following information.

(Please click on a links at the bottom of the page for a blank proposal form or a sample proposal)

Description of issue/concern/policy in question:

  • What current practice or policy* are you concerned about?
  • What issue have you identified that is not currently addressed by a practice or policy*?
  • Who is affected by the current practice or policy* (or lack thereof) which you are citing?
  • What additional factors might be influencing/affecting the current practice or policy* (or lack thereof) that you are addressing?

Description of action/changes you would like to see implemented and why:

  • What improvements could be made to an existing practice or policy*?
  • What aspects of a current practice or policy* should be eliminated?
  • What measurable benefits will the University see if your proposal is put into practice?
  • What are the potential negative consequences of your proposal being put into practice?

Suggestions for how your proposal could be put into practice:

  • Can a current written policy* be revised?
  • Should a current practice be made into policy?
  • Should a current practice or policy be eliminated?
  • Who would be responsible for monitoring and/or enforcing your suggested changes/action?

Additional Information:

  • Is there evidence of campus support for this proposal?
  • Is there a similar practice or policy at peer institutions that we can model?
  • Who would be affected (both positively and negatively) if your proposal was put into action?
  • Are there any financial consequences that would result from this proposal?

*A complete list of current University policies can be found at:

Click on a link below to download a blank proposal form in Word or as a PDF: Please send your completed form and any supporting documents to or University of Maryland Senate Office, 1100 Marie Mount Hall, College Park, MD 20742-7541.