Elections Results

                                                  2024-2025 Senator Election Results

Staff                                                                                                  Staff | Faculty Single-Member Constituencies | Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students
Shannon Buenaflor (ENGR) Exempt Staff in Colleges
Jennifer Reed (SPHL) Exempt Staff in Colleges
Amy Yaich (CMNS) Non-Exempt Staff in Colleges
Melissa Minnifield (VPSA) Exempt Staff in Divisions
Penny Jacobs (VPSA) Exempt Staff in Divisions
Ana Palla (DIT) Exempt Staff in Divisions
Felicia Bidgell (VPA) Exempt Staff in Divisions
Anthony Harmon (VPA)

Exempt Staff in Divisions

Ebony Coffer (VPA) Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Chen Chin (VPA) Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Cherise Hunter (EDUC) Contingent Staff


Faculty Single-Member Constituencies
Jeffrey Herf Emeritus Faculty    
Megan Miller Post-Doctoral Scholars, Post-Doctoral Associates, Junior Lecturers, and Faculty Assistants
Adam Lloyd Part-Time Research, Part-Time Teaching, Adjunct Faculty, and all Visiting Faculty
Undergraduate Students
Lauren Grove AGNR
Conell Brandner ARCH
Abhiram Sreeramaneni ARHU
Andrew Cullen ARHU
Joshua Goldberg BMGT
Rustam Biswas BMGT
Denise Demontagnac BSOS
Ian Gould BSOS
Shulamit Frenkel BSOS
Laiba Nisar BSOS
Julia Babula CMNS
Addison Hanrattie CMNS
Aria Mohebi CMNS
Dylan Patel CMNS
Ethan Vinodh CMNS
Bryant Rivera Cortez EDUC
Sara Carter ENGR
Leah Falk ENGR
Brooke Wunderler ENGR
Jemma Wood ENGR
Asabea Agyemang INFO
Deven Patel LTSC
Autumn Ballard SPHL
Sophia Conrad SPHL
  Part-Time Undergraduate Student
Graduate Students
M Pease BSOS
Karoline Trovato BSOS
Tin Nguyen CMNS
Smrithan Ravichandran CMNS
Amrina Rangar EDUC
Shytance Wren EDUC
Diako Abbasi ENGR
Datta Gannavarapu ENGR
Ivy Lyons JOUR
Uchenna Mike-Olisa Part-Time Graduate Student (ENGR)


2024-2025 Chair-Elect & Elected Committee Results

At the Annual Transition Meeting of the Senate, usually occurring in May of each academic year, Senators elect representatives for the Senate-Elected Committees and Councils. The results of these elections are announced below following the completion of the election process.

Chair-Elect | Senate Executive Committee (SEC) | Committee on Committes | Athletic Council | Council of University System Faculty (CUSF | Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC)

Sarah Dammeyer ARHU
Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Vikrant Aute ENGR Faculty
Mark Coulbourne LIBR Faculty
Lee Friedman CMNS Faculty
Meredith Gore BSOS Faculty
Jeffrey Herf ARHU Faculty
Katherine Sharp SPHL Faculty
Patrick Wohlfarth BSOS Faculty
Antonietta Jennings VPSA Non-Exempt Staff
Keira Martone VPR Exempt Staff
Tin Nguyen CMNS Graduate Student
TIE BREAK   Graduate Student
Brooke Wunderler ENGR Undergraduate Student
Addison Hanrattie CMNS Undergraduate Student
Committee on Committees
Joseph Barnet BSOS Faculty
Mohammad Hajiahgayi CMNS Faculty
Chris Lewis ARHU Faculty
Ebony Coffer VPA Exempt Staff
Ivy Lyons JOUR Graduate Student
Rustam Biswas BGMT Undergraduate Student
Athletic Council
Jordan A. Goodman CMNS Faculty
J. Carson SPHL Faculty
Council of University System Faculty (CUSF)
Holly Brewer ARHU Full-Time Representative
Heidi Scott SPHL Full-Time Representative
Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC)
Sarah Hovde LIBR Faculty
Paul Keen CMNS Non-Exempt Staff
Ethan Vinodh CMNS Undergraduate