Elections Results

2022-2023 Senator Election Results

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2022-2023 Senators-Elect

Staff | Faculty Single-Member Constituencies | Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students

Keira Martone (VPSA) Exempt Staff in Divisions
Daniel Ostick (VPSA) Exempt Staff in Divisions
Antonietta Jennings (VPR) Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Michael Werre (VPSA) Non-Exempt Staff in Divisions
Rachelle Beasley (BSOS) Exempt Staff in Colleges
Gene Ferrick (CMNS) Exempt Staff in Colleges
Adrienne Mayo-Brown (EDUC) Exempt Staff in Colleges
Beyonne White-Tinsley (DIT) Contingent Staff
Faculty Single-Member Constituencies  
Peter Wolfe (CMNS) Emeritus Faculty
Bailey Bedford Post-Doctoral Scholars, Post-Doctoral Associates, Junior Lecturers, and Faculty Assistants 
TBD Part-Time Research, Part-Time Teaching, Adjunct Faculty, and All Visiting Faculty
Undergraduate Students  
Anh Huynh ARCH
Zachary Braunstein ARHU
Raphael Felder ARHU
Christopher Chen BMGT
Zeeshan Anam BMGT
Alexander Kotsano BMGT
Reese Artero BSOS
Annabelle Bodunrin BSOS
Kassidy Jacobs BSOS
Sarah Tanabe BSOS
Ana Baide Erazo CMNS
Steven Berit CMNS
Isaiah Hilsenrath CMNS
Nicholas Romano CMNS
Hannah Kim CMNS
Saxon Brown EDUC
Connor Byrne ENGR
Leonello Casto Cillis ENGR
Brian Langbein ENGR
Nathan Ravnitsky ENGR
Govind Nageswaran INFO
Matthew Shea JOUR
Harshit Garg LTSC
Fanuta Hailu LTSC
Ryan Strennen LTSC
Riley Blaugrund PLCY
Vivian Flanagan SPHL
Alaa Sharaf SPHL
Kevin He Part-Time Undergraduate Student (CMNS)
Graduate Students  
Cholly Estes PLCY
Richard Hahn BSOS
Adam Hopper AGNR
Andrew Lewis BGMT
Milen Matthews EDUC
Rishabh Mukund ENGR
Autumn Perkey BSOS
Salwa Shan SPHL
Twesh Upadhyaya CMNS
Paarth Vatsa BGMT
Nitul Purohit Part-Time Graduate Student (BSOS)


2022-2023 Chair-Elect & Elected Committee Results

At the Annual Transition Meeting of the Senate, usually occurring in May of each academic year, Senators elect representatives for the Senate-Elected Committees and Councils. The results of these elections are announced below following the completion of the election process.

Chair-Elect | Senate Executive Committee (SEC) | Committee on Committes | Athletic Council | Council of University System Faculty (CUSF | Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC)

Christopher Jarzynski CMNS
Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Sarah Dammeyer ARHU Faculty
Typhanye Dyer SPHL Faculty
Jordan Goodman CMNS Faculty
Valerie Orlando ARHU Faculty
Marc Pound CMNS Faculty
Jordan Sly LIBR Faculty
Jennifer Wallace BSOS Faculty
Joanna Wiley LIBR Non-Exempt Staff
Gene Ferrick CMNS Exempt Staff
Autumn Perkey BSOS Graduate Student
Paarth Vatsa BMGT Graduate Student
Steven Berit CMNS Undergraduate Student
Kassidy Jacobs BSOS Undergraduate Student
Committee on Committees
Donald J. Bolger EDUC Faculty
Isaac Moradi CMNS Faculty
Piotr Swistak BSOS Faculty
Joshua Weiss ARHU Faculty
Antonietta Jennings VPR Non-Exempt Staff
Adam Hopper AGNR Graduate Student
Connor Byrne ENGR Undergraduate Student
Athletic Council
Tamara Clegg INFO Faculty
Lance Yonkos AGNR Faculty
James Bond VPSA Staff
Council of University System Faculty (CUSF)
Rosellina Ferraro BMGT Full-Time Representative
Valerie Orlando ARHU Full-Time Representative
Danilo Romero ENGR Full-Time Representative
Agisilaos Iliadis ENGR Alternate Representative
Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC)
Derek Paley ENGR Faculty
Emily Spangler LIBR Non-Exempt Staff
Alaa Sharaf SPHL Undergraduate