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Senate Bill 22-23-11

Bill ID: 22-23-11
PCC ID: 22023
Name: PCC Proposal to Rename the Bachelor of Science in "Embedded Systems and Internet of Things" to "Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering"
Proposed: 09/30/2022
Sponsor: PCC Committee
Proposal: The A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering proposes to change the name of its Bachelor of Science in "Embedded Systems and Internet of Things" to "Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering". The program, which was established in 2019 and is offered at the Universities at Shady Grove, provides students with an understanding of both the hardware and software elements that go into design, development, and use of devices that link to the internet or other communication networks. The need to change the name has arisen from a requirement from the engineering accreditation agency, ABET, to include the word “engineering,” in all engineering program titles. The department is also using this occasion to change the name to a less verbose name that better conveys the broad nature of this program of study.

The proposal was approved by the Senate Programs, Curricula, and Courses committee on October 7, 2022.


Status: Pending Approval
MHEC Approval: Awaiting approval
Chancellor's Approval: Awaiting approval
Presidential Approval: 11/07/2022
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Reviewed By: Senate
Received: 10/26/2022
Decision Date: 11/02/2022
Decision: The Senate voted to approve the proposal.
Next Step: Presidential Approval
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Reviewed By: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Received: 10/11/2022
Decision Date: 10/18/2022
Decision: The SEC voted to place the proposal on the agenda of the November 2, 2022 Senate meeting for consideration.
Next Step: Senate Review
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Reviewed By: Programs, Curricula, & Courses (PCC) Committee
Received: 09/30/2022
Decision Date: 10/07/2022
Decision: The PCC Committee voted to approve the proposal.
Actions: The committee considered this proposal at its meeting on October 7, 2022. Romel Gomez from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering presented the proposal and answered questions from the committee. The committee approved the proposal.