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Senate Bill 21-22-30

Bill ID: 21-22-30
Name: Review of the University of Maryland Plan of Organization for Shared Governance
Proposed: 01/24/2022
Sponsor: Senate Executive Committee
Proposal: The University of Maryland Plan of Organization (Article 6.3) stipules that "review of the current Plan of Organization shall be undertaken at least every ten years by a committee composed of members elected by the Senate." However, the Plan gives the Senate Executive Committee (SEC) the authority to "institute a review of the Plan by such a committee in the fifth or subsequent year following a review if in its judgment there have been changes in the University significant enough to justify a review."
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Status: Under Review
Under Review By: Plan of Organization Review Committee (PORC)
Received: 01/27/2022
Decision Due By: 03/03/2023
Next Step: SEC Review
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