Adele Berlin

Adele Berlin, Senate Past Chair

Adele Berlin has been a member of the faculty of the University of Maryland since 1979 and is currently the Robert H. Smith Professor of Hebrew Bible, with a joint appointment in the English Department and the Jewish Studies Program. Her interests are in biblical and ancient near eastern literatures and in the history of biblical interpretation. She has authored seven books and edited three, the most recent being The Jewish Study Bible (Oxford University Press, 2004).Professor Berlin has served her profession as a member of the editorial boards of six journals and monograph series, and as a member of the governing bodies of the Association for Jewish Studies, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the American Academy for Jewish Research. She was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Jewish Research in 1997 and was named President of the Society of Biblical Literature in 2000.Among her activities at Maryland, she served as Director of the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies, member of the APT Committee of the College of Arts and Humanities, chair of the university APT Appeals Committee, chair of the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee, chair of the Internal Review of the Women's Studies Department and Program, and membership on other committees too numerous to list. She held the position of Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs in 1994-1997.