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Senate Bill 19-20-17

Bill ID: 19-20-17
Name: Revision to the Policy on Smoking at the University of Maryland
Proposed: 10/11/2019
Sponsor: Senate Leadership
Proposal: Recent changes in Maryland State Law as well as federal guidance and guidance from the University's Office of the General Counsel have led to a desire to clarify that the definition of "smoking" in the University's Policy on Smoking includes e-cigarettes and vaping. The current definition may not make that distinction clearly.


Status: Under Review
Under Review By: Campus Affairs Committee
Received: 10/22/2019
Decision Due By: 03/06/2020
Actions: The Campus Affairs Committee begin consideration of the charge at its meeting on October 31, 2019, when it consulted with a representative of the Office of General Counsel (OGC). At its December 5 meeting, the committee reviewed definitions of "smoking" at Big 10 and peer institutions and considered suggested text from the OGC.

The committee was given a revised charge in January 2020 that adjusted the scope of its review.
Next Step: SEC Review
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Reviewed By: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Received: 10/15/2019
Decision Date: 10/22/2019
Decision: The SEC voted to charge the Campus Affairs Committee with a consideration of the item.
Next Step: Campus Affairs Committee Review
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