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Senate Bill 18-19-17

Bill ID: 18-19-17
Name: Resolution to Improve the Status of Shared Governance and Athletics in the University System of Maryland (USM)
Proposed: 11/02/2018
Sponsor: Stephen Kenny, Undergraduate Student Senator
Proposal: Resolution to improve the status of shared governance and athletics in the University of Maryland System (USM)

WHEREAS, The USM Board of Regents, hereafter referred to as the Board of Regents, has proven itself unresponsive to the concerns of students, faculty, and other Maryland citizens in its handling of the investigation into the death of Jordan McNair.

WHEREAS, Student and faculty concerns have gone unheard in personnel and policy decisions made by the University of Maryland College Park and USM as a whole.

Be it resolved that the University Senate:
1. Recommends Maryland state legislation that would require a significant portion of the Board of Regents be chosen by statewide elections when vacancies open.

2. Requests that seats on University of Maryland, College Park presidential search committees be awarded in the same proportion as the University Senate, with regards to faculty, staff, and student constituencies.

3. Advises that President Loh should honor his previous statement to retire in June of 2019.