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Senate Bill 18-19-11

Bill ID: 18-19-11
Name: Proposal on Freshman Representation on Senate Committees
Proposed: 09/23/2018
Sponsor: Eliana Neuwirth, Undergraduate Student
Proposal: The University Senate provides an opportunity for enrolled undergraduate students to apply for membership on its committees. The application process is held annually in April. The timing of the application process precludes undergraduate freshman students from serving on a Senate committee until their sophomore year. As a result, the “current” freshman experience regarding university policies and the ever-changing issues is missing from committee discussions and consideration. Examples of university policies and issues that could benefit from a current freshman perspective include transportation, AlcoholEdu course, safety, equity and inclusion, and residential life housing.

This proposal identifies three University Senate committees that would greatly benefit from a current undergraduate freshman student perspective. Specifically,
1. Campus Affairs Committee
2. Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee
3. Student Affairs Committee

Each of the three committees would add one volunteer undergraduate student member with voting rights to represent the freshman class.

The Bylaws of the University Senate would be amended to add a mid-academic year volunteer committee member application process for enrolled undergraduate freshman students. The changes to the Bylaws could be amended as follows:

Bylaws of the University Senate at the University of Maryland

5.5.f Terms on standing committees shall be two (2) years for faculty and staff, one (1) year for students, with exception for an undergraduate freshman, and six months for an undergraduate freshman student. Appointments to two-year terms shall be staggered: that is, as far as practical, half of the terms from each faculty or staff constituency shall expire each year. Terms shall begin on July 1 of the appropriate year, with exception for an undergraduate freshman student, which shall begin on January 1.


Status: Under Review
Under Review By: Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
Received: 01/21/2019