Post-Tenure Review Task Force

  1. This taskforce will develop a new policy for post-tenure review in accordance with the recommendations of the Strategic Plan [Transforming Maryland: Higher Expectations. The Strategic Plan for the University of Maryland, May 21, 2008].
  2. The policy should lead to an implementation that is efficient, minimizes bureaucracy and minimizes the time and effort needed to conduct the reviews. As such, the post-tenure review process may use the results of the faculty annual review.
  3. The policy should be effective. As stipulated in the Strategic Plan, it should establish a mechanism for reducing compensation when performance improvement goals that are set following an unsatisfactory post-tenure review are not subsequently met. Such a mechanism should be fair and equitable and should include safeguards to ensure that this mechanism is not abused.
  4. The taskforce should keep the Provost and the Chair of the Senate informed of its deliberations, allowing the Senate Chair to seek feedback from appropriate committees.
  5. The taskforce should submit its report to the Provost and Senate Executive Committee by February 15, 2009.
First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Adele Berlin Chair ARHU 2009
Dan Falvey Faculty CLFS 2009
Judith Freidenberg Faculty BSOS 2009
Michael Fu Faculty BMGT 2009
Joseph JaJa Faculty ENGR 2009
Roberta Rudnick Faculty CMPS 2009
Ellin Scholnick Faculty ADMN 2009