Library Task Force

The Strategic Plan identified the University Libraries as one of the critical elements in achieving academic and research excellence, stressing the challenges in promoting efficiency in the use of information resources in a period of rapid change in how information technology is used in modern research libraries. The plan also stresses the importance of aligning information resources with strategic research and teaching priorities. As with every objective in the plan, our standard for excellence must be that of our peers at other outstanding research institutions.

The Task Force will review and assess the Library's present goals and direction, its performance in meeting the needs of a top research university, the efficiency with which its utilizes its resources, and its plans for the future. The rapidly rising cost of journals is a major challenge facing every major library. The Task Force will review how our libraries use information technology and state of the art approaches to providing efficient access to information. The Task Force will also review financial resources and how the libraries might build partnerships with other institutions to more efficiently utilize its resources and enhance its services.

First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Millard Alexander Faculty CLFS 2009
Bonnie Dill Faculty ARHU 2009
Richard Etlin Faculty ARCH 2009
Dushanka Kleinman Faculty SPHL 2009
Victor Korenman Emeritus Faculty CMPS 2009
John Laub Faculty BSOS 2009
Marsha Rozenblit Faculty ARHU 2009
James Yorke Chair CMPS 2009