Seda Tolu

Seda ToluBeing an Undergraduate Senator for the College of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS) for the 2012 term has been an invaluable experience that I could have never attained in a lecture or from a textbook. It is an experience that has proven to be the pinnacle of my academic career here at the University of Maryland.

Prior to joining the University Senate, I had no experience with university governance. However, in the past year I have gained a wealth of knowledge by participating in formal debates, Senate deliberations, and by representing my constituency to the best of my ability. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the University Senate and it has been an honor to have a voice in policy making.

The University Senate has also helped me to find a new level of respect for the University of Maryland. I am a member of the Programs, Curricula, and Courses (PCC) Committee and am the undergraduate representative for the Campus Advisory Transportation Committee (CTAC). Yet, I only see a glimpse of the collaboration that goes on outside of Senate meetings. There are many other committees and councils working on important campus policies that help improve the University. Faculty, staff, and students in the Senate put an incredible amount of effort into committees and Senate meetings. It is with the combined dedication of all members of Senate that establishes the academic foundation on which our University is built upon. The collective contributions from all areas of Senate are raising the bar for excellence at this University year after year. With a strong Senate and many devoted committees, the future of UMD will only grow stronger.