Heather Mann

Heather MannI served as a graduate student member of the Senate for two terms (2006-2008). Both terms, I also was a member of the Senate Executive Committee. Through these positions, I established working relationships with faculty, students and staff across campus, gathering information and linking the inner workings of the University in order to critically examine its operation. Being a member of the Executive Committee gave me the opportunity to gain new insight and knowledge that have been beneficial to me as a graduate student and in my future career in academia. My experience on the senate lead me to other university service, including membership on APAC, the Provost search committee, and a dean's review committee.

I gained a valuable perspective on Maryland's relationship with both its own development and its peer institutions in order to contribute to the improvement of graduate student quality of life. As a former representative in the Graduate Student Government (GSG) and Presidential advisor on senate-related issues for the GSG, I represented and defended student concerns at the Senate Executive Committee meetings and it was in that context that I more fully cultivated a sense of how changes occur here at the University of Maryland. As a senator, I worked with other graduate senators and the GSG on issues including stipends and Bursar's office policies. Overall, my experience on the senate was fun, enlightening, and contributed to a well-rounded graduate education.