Patricia Joseph

Patricia JosephThe 2011-2012 school year marks my third consecutive term as a Senate representative. Beyond my duties as a Graduate Senator, I have also been a member of the Committee on Committees, Nominations Committee and Student Conduct Committee. The positive experience of working with the University Senate is primarily due to the relationships I have developed with other like-minded campus leaders. I share the same vision with my Senate colleagues in moving our campus forward in ways that best reflect the evolving needs of the campus body.

As a Senator, some of the proudest moments that I have been fortunate enough to experience include the historic passage of the General Education program and Medical Amnesty policy. Over the course of several years, the Senate body worked tirelessly to make these two important pieces of legislation a reality.

My favorite committee, and one I continue to sit on for this school year, is the Student Conduct Committee. Beyond formulating and continually reviewing recommendations concerning the rules and codes of student conduct, this committee acts as an appellate body for infractions of the approved Code of Student Conduct and Code of Academic Integrity. I particularly enjoy exchanging ideas and making final decisions on student appeals with my fellow committee members. I am dedicated to ensuring that students receive a fair and impartial examination of their case. My goal continues to be that sanctions uphold the integrity of our campus institutions and act as a teachable moment rather than merely a "punishment" for a student that made a poor choice.

I am excited to tackle the new issues that will present themselves over the next school year!