Review of College Plans of Organization

The University of Maryland Plan of Organization for Shared Governance states that each College or School, department or other academic unit, and the Library (all referred to as "College" throughout these webpages) shall have a Plan of Organization that will govern its operations. These Plans must embody the principles of shared governance and reflect University policy. The University Plan allows amendments to be made at any time, but also requires that these College Plans of Organization be reviewed every ten years.

The University Senate must review and approve any revisions to each College Plan of Organization before a new Plan can go into effect. The Senate Elections, Representation, & Governance (ERG) Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee take responsibility for reviewing Plans of Organization in detail before they are submitted to the full Senate and President for approval.

To view your College's most recent Plan of Organization, click here. To submit a revised Plan of Organization to the Senate Office for review, send the Plan via email to at any time.

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