Vote for a Senator

Choose who you want to represent YOU on the largest governing body on the University of Maryland campus. The University Senate directly advises the President on virtually all University policy-related matters and other issues that affect our University. Your Senators play an integral role in the policy making process and the governance of our University by debating and voting on Senate legislation. This is your opportunity to participate in the shared governance of our University - vote for your Senators!

The Senate elections period will be announced via a campus-wide email from the Senate Office each spring. A timeline for the elections period will also be posted on the Senate website each summer. To vote for your Senators, please log-in with your Directory ID and password. You will be automatically routed to the appropriate ballot. Instructions for how to vote will be included on the ballot. You will only be able to view the ballot and vote for Senators in your same constituency category (e.g. undergraduates in ARHU or non-exempt staff in Divisions).

If you are having problems accessing the voting system because of a redirect error message, it may be associated with how your browser stores cookies. Please click here for instructions on how to change your browser settings. After changing your settings, close your browser and open a new browser window before accessing the system again.