Research Council

The Research Council is charged to formulate and continually review policies regarding research, its funding, its relation to graduate and undergraduate academic degree programs, and its service to the community. Also, the Council is charged to review the research needs of faculty, other researchers and students, and to make recommendations to facilitate the research process and productivity of the University. Further, the Council shall formulate and continually review policies on the establishment, naming, reorganization, or abolition of bureaus, centers, or institutes that do not offer programs of instruction or regularly offer courses for credit, including their relationship to graduate and undergraduate academic programs. Additionally, when it perceives problems, the Council has the power to undertake investigative studies and recommend solutions.

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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Thomas Murphy Chair ENGR 2017
Steve Fetter Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep SVPAAP 2018
Zachary Hyder Graduate Student EDUC 2017
George Hurtt Faculty BSOS 2018
Zuleykhan Tomova Graduate Student CMNS 2017
Srinivasa Raghavan Faculty ENGR 2018
Ann Holmes Exempt Staff BSOS 2017
Nicholas Diakopoulos Faculty JOUR 2017
Carter Hall Faculty CMNS 2017
Linda Mabbs Faculty ARHU 2017
Cheryl Holt Faculty SPHL 2017
Dorothy Beckett Faculty CMNS 2017
Nathan Hultman Faculty PUAF 2018
Douglas Roberts Ex-Officio-Undergraduate Studies Rep UGST 2018
Wendy Montgomery Ex-Officio-Director of ORA Rep VPR 2018
Blessing Enekwe Ex-Officio-Graduate School Rep BSOS 2018
Eric Chapman Ex-Officio-VP Research Rep VPR 2018
Michele Eastman Ex-Officio-President's Rep PRES 2018
Adam Berger Undergraduate ENGR 2017
Lisa Taneyhill Faculty AGNR 2018