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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Debra Shapiro Chair BMGT 2019
Mary Scullen Faculty ARHU 2017
Min Wang Faculty EDUC 2018
Andrei Vedernikov Faculty CMNS 2018
Garth Rockcastle Faculty ARCH 2017
Tyler Vachon Graduate Student INFO 2017
Marcio Oliveira Ex-Officio-Division of IT Rep DIT 2017
Peter Afflerbach Faculty EDUC 2017
Terry Owen Faculty LIBR 2018
Gary White Ex-Officio-Libraries LIBR 2017
Patrick McCluskey Faculty ENGR 2017
Neil Fraistat Faculty ARHU 2017
Shabnam Ahmed Undergraduate LTSC 2017
Holly Brewer Faculty ARHU 2018
Daniel Falvey Ex-Officio-Senate Chair-Elect CMNS 2017
Benjamin Bederson Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep SVPAAP 2017
Brian Butler Faculty INFO 2018