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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Charles Wellford Chair BSOS 2014
Reka Montfort Ex-Officio-Senate Director SVPAAP
Paul Smith Faculty CMNS 2014
John Steinbruner Faculty PUAF 2014
Sarah Oates Faculty JOUR 2014
Robert Cobb Undergraduate LTSC 2014
Elsa Kery-Grant Non-Exempt Staff VPAF 2014
Muhiuddin Haider Faculty SPHL 2014
Edmond Shenassa Faculty SPHL 2014
Omer Kaufman Undergraduate BSOS 2014
Lila Ohler Faculty LIBR 2014
Amir Kashani Pour Graduate Student ENGR 2014
Kristen Essel Undergraduate BSOS 2014
Jess Jacobson Exempt Staff USG 2014
Lee Friedman Faculty CMNS 2014
Beth St. Jean Faculty INFO 2014
Peter Kofinas Faculty ENGR 2014
Nelly Stromquist Faculty EDUC 2014
Karen Prestegaard Faculty CMNS 2014
Peter Morici Faculty BMGT 2014
Kenneth Holum Ex-Officio-Senate Parliamentarian ARHU
Marvin Breslow Ex-Officio-Senate Historian ARHU
Samuel Kerstein Faculty ARHU 2014
Nadine Sahyoun Faculty AGNR 2014
Margaret McFarland Faculty ARCH 2014