Listserv Addresses

Academic Procedures & Standards Committee -

  • Chair, Philip Evers

Campus Affairs Committee -

  • Chair, Erin Rooney-Eckel

Committee Chairs for Standing Committees -

  • Academic Procedures & Standards (Charles Mitter)
  • Campus Affairs (Erin Rooney-Eckel)
  • Committee on Committees (Daniel Falvey)
  • Educational Affairs (Bryan Eichhorn)
  • Elections, Representation, & Governance (Marc Pound)
  • Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (Charles Delwiche)
  • Faculty Affairs (KerryAnn O'Meara)
  • Nominations Committee (TBD)
  • Programs, Curricula, & Courses (Andrew Harris)
  • Staff Affairs (James Bond)
  • Student Affairs (Adam Berger)
  • Student Conduct (Ed Kenny)

Committee on Committees (2016-2017) -

  • Chair, Daniel Falvey

Educational Affairs Committee -

  • Chair, Bryan Eichhorn

Elections, Representation, & Governance Committee -

  • Chair, Marc Pound

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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee -

  • Chair, Charles Delwiche

Executive Committee -

  • Chair, Jordan Goodman

Faculty Affairs Committee -

  • Chair, KerryAnn O'Meara

Faculty Senate Members -

Nominations Committee -

  • Chair, TBD

Programs, Curricula, & Courses Committee -

  • Chair, Andrew Harris

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Staff Senate Members -

Staff Affairs Committee -

  • Chair, James Bond

Student Senate Members

Student Affairs Committee -

  • Chair, Adam Berger

Student Conduct Committee -

  • Chair, Ed Kenny

If you have questions about the University Senate, please contact Reka Montfort, Executive Secretary and Director for the University Senate