Volunteer to Serve on a Committee

You can be a part of one of the largest and most influential governing bodies on campus by volunteering to serve on a University Senate committee. You do not have to be a Senator to serve on a committee. In recent years, committees have made recommendations to the Senate on important issues such as revisions to the Undergraduate Student Grievance Procedure, the creation of an excused absence policy, the sexual misconduct policy and procedures, the non-discrimination policy, the disability and accessibility policy, review of the faculty leave policies, and plus/minus grading. The Senate advises the President on these and other policy issues that directly affect the day-to-day functions of the University.

During the spring semester, you can volunteer to serve on a committee for the following academic year by completing an online interest form on this website. The specific timeframe for the Committee Volunteer Preference Period is posted annually here: http://www.senate.umd.edu/elections/timeline.cfm. The volunteer system will ask you to log in using your University Directory ID & Password and will then route you to the form. All you have to do is pick your top three committee preferences and submit a statement about why you want to serve on a committee. You will only be able to choose from committees that have vacancies in your specific constituency (faculty/staff/student). Please note that all faculty and staff serve two-year-terms while students serve a one-year-term on the committees. Committees usually meet once a month during the academic year.

A complete list of all Senate committees and additional information about the work of each committee can be found at http://www.senate.umd.edu/committees/. For examples of legislation that committees have worked on, click here: http://www.senate.umd.edu/sms/index.cfm?event=currentBills.

The deadline to submit forms is usually in April of each year. Volunteer forms and statements are reviewed by the Senate's Committee on Committees. There are typically around 90 open vacancies on committees that must be filled each year. All those receiving a committee assignment are notified over the summer.

Please feel free to contact the Senate Office at senate-admin@umd.edu or 301-405-5805 if you have any questions about the committee preference period. We hope that you will volunteer!