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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Adam Berger Chair ENGR 2017
Barbara Aiken Ex-Officio-VP Student Affairs Rep VPSA 2017
Susan Martin Ex-Officio-Graduate School Rep VPSA 2017
Dennis Passarella-George Ex-Officio-Resident Life Rep VPSA 2017
Reid Compton Faculty CMNS 2017
Mary Hummel Ex-Officio-VP Student Affairs Rep VPSA 2017
Xu Han Ex-Officio-GSG Rep PLCY 2017
Lauren Grant Graduate Student EDUC 2017
Marie-Therese Meye Ex-Officio-SGA Rep LTSC 2017
Liese Zahabi Faculty ARHU 2018
Bryce Iapicca Undergraduate BMGT 2017
Benjamin Douek Undergraduate ARHU 2017
Helen Liu Undergraduate BMGT 2017
Jonathan Allen Undergraduate LTSC 2017
My-Asia Chaplin Undergraduate ARHU 2017
John Folkerts Undergraduate ENGR 2017
Rianna Murray Graduate Student SPHL 2017
Romina Da Costa Graduate Student EDUC 2017
Kimberley Hannah-Prater Graduate Student ARHU 2017
Ashton Raffety Graduate Student PLCY 2017
Kevin McGann Exempt Staff BSOS 2018