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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Dylan Baker Ex-Officio-CUSS Rep (Non-Voting) PUAF 2018
Dana Wimbish Ex-Officio-CUSS Rep (Non-Voting) VPAF 2018
Sarah Goff-Tlemsani Ex-Officio-CUSS Rep (Non-Voting) BSOS 2018
Emily Hartz Ex-Officio-CUSS Rep JOUR 2018
Patrick Perfetto Ex-Officio-CUSS Rep VPSA 2018
Maureen Schrimpe Ex-Officio-CUSS Rep VPSA 2018
Diandrea Campbell Non-Exempt Staff VPSA 2018
Rosanne Hoaas Non-Exempt Staff VPAF 2018
Jane Edwards Exempt Staff VPR 2018
Margaret Saponaro Faculty LIBR 2018
J Greene Exempt Staff ARHU 2018
Judith Gorski Exempt Staff CMNS 2018
Luther Clark Non-Exempt Staff GRAD 2018
Anne Martens Ex-Officio-VP Administration & Finance Rep VPAF 2018
Fulvio Cativo Exempt Staff VPUR 2019
Stenise Sanders Non-Exempt Staff VPSA 2019
Denise Best Non-Exempt Staff ARHU 2019
Antonietta Jennings Non-Exempt Staff VPR 2019
Marlina Tadesse Undergraduate BSOS 2018
Erin Rooney-Eckel Chair VPSA 2018
Brooke Supple Ex-Officio-VP Student Affairs Rep VPSA 2018
Jacqueline Richmond Ex-Officio-Director of Human Resources Rep VPAF 2018
Andrea Goltz Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep SVPAAP 2018