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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Christopher Walsh Chair-Elect AGNR 2018
Timea Webster Non-Exempt Staff SVPAAP 2018
Marc Pound Faculty CMNS 2018
Elizabeth Lathrop Faculty ENGR 2018
Cynthia Frank Faculty LIBR 2018
Pamela Lanford Faculty VPR 2018
Oscar Barbarin Faculty BSOS 2018
Erin Rooney-Eckel Exempt Staff VPSA 2018
Michele Eastman Ex-Officio-President's Rep PRES 2018
Elizabeth Beise Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep SVPAAP 2018
Harry Huntley Undergraduate AGNR 2018
Lillia Damalouji Undergraduate BSOS 2018
Robert DiLutis Faculty ARHU 2018
Katrina Hauprich Graduate Student EDUC 2018
Nishat Seraj Graduate Student CMNS 2018
Kimberly Coles Faculty ARHU 2018
Vincent Novara Ex-Officio-Parliamentarian LIBR
Reka Montfort Ex-Officio-Executive Secretary & Director SVPAAP
Daniel Falvey Senate Chair CMNS 2018