General Education Committee

In 2015, the Educational Affairs Committee assumed the responsibilities of the General Education Committee, following revisions to the Plan of Organization for Shared Governance and Senate Bylaws. As such, the Educational Affairs Committee is now charged with broad oversight of the General Education Program at the University. More information about the Educational Affairs Committee can be found at:

Prior to 2015, the General Education Committee exercised broad oversight and supervision of the General Education Program at the University as described in the 2010 document Transforming General Education at the University of Maryland. The committee reviewed and made recommendations concerning the General Education Program to the Senate and the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean for Undergraduate Studies. Such recommendations included, but were not limited to, the program's requirements and its vision, especially with regard to evaluating trends, reviewing learning outcomes, and maintaining the balance of courses in the General Education categories. Additionally, the committee exercised continuing supervisory authority and general oversight of the Core Liberal Arts and Sciences Program for students under the CORE requirements.

For more information about the Educational Affairs Committee, please contact the committee coordinator, Aaron Tobiason, at

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