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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Marc Pound Chair CMNS 2018
William Hankel Ex-Officio-Director of Human Resources Rep VPAF 2018
Kathleen Denz Ex-Officio-Associate VP IRPA Rep SVPAAP 2018
Pamela Callahan Graduate Student EDUC 2018
Guy Aldridge Graduate Student ARHU 2018
Jonathan Allen Undergraduate BSOS-- 2018
Brynn Drury Undergraduate LTSC 2018
Raymond Nardella Exempt Staff VPSA 2019
Elizabeth McClure Faculty ARHU 2019
Wendell Hill Faculty CMNS 2019
Leigh Ann DePope Faculty LIBR 2019
Cliffornia Royals Pryor Non-Exempt Staff ARHU 2018
Anne Raugh Faculty CMNS 2018
Sabrina Baron Faculty ARHU 2018
Toby Egan Faculty PLCY 2018