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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Charles Delwiche Chair CMNS 2017
Phyllis Dailey Exempt Staff VPAF 2017
Leon Tune Exempt Staff VPUR 2018
Jennifer Dindinger Faculty AGNR 2017
Typhanye Dyer Faculty SPHL 2017
Jordan Carter-Reich Non-Exempt Staff VPSA 2017
Steve Fetter Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep SVPAAP 2017
Qing Dong Non-Exempt Staff ENGR 2018
Arif Nuri Graduate Student EDUC 2017
Ashlee Wilkins Graduate Student CMNS 2017
Pradeep Kapur Faculty PUAF 2018
Maya Aduba Exempt Staff CMNS 2017
Jacinta Felice Ex-Officio-VP Student Affairs Rep VPSA 2017
Shaunna Payne Gold Ex-Officio-Chief Diversity Officer WORK 2017
Yukako Tatsumi Faculty LIBR 2017
Anne Martens Ex-Officio-VP Administration & Finance Rep VPAF 2017
Aidan Lapierre Undergraduate BSOS 2017
Beth St. Jean Faculty INFO 2018
Sarah Eshera Undergraduate CMNS 2017