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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Bryan Eichhorn Chair CMNS 2017
Emily Conover Faculty ARHU 2018
Linda Macri Ex-Officio-Graduate School Rep GRAD 2017
Anne Tavera Undergraduate AGNR 2017
Vedat Diker Faculty INFO 2018
Elizabeth Soergel Faculty LIBR 2018
Ji Seung Yang Faculty EDUC 2017
Jeffrey Henrikson Faculty CMNS 2017
Kellie Robertson Faculty ARHU 2017
John Buchner Faculty CMNS 2017
Michelle Brooks Exempt Staff CMNS 2018
Douglas Roberts Ex-Officio-Associate Dean for General Education UGST 2017
Ann Smith Ex-Officio-Undergraduate Studies Rep UGST 2017
Marcio Oliveira Ex-Officio-Division of Information Technology Rep DIT 2017
Benjamin Bederson Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep SVPAAP 2017
Ajay Mahesh Undergraduate CMNS 2017
Lindsey Anderson Faculty ARHU 2018
Prasoon Gupta Graduate Student CMNS 2017
Catherine Fisanich Non-Exempt Staff CMNS 2017
Adria Schwarber Ex-Officio-GSG Rep CMNS 2017
Fasika Delessa Ex-Officio-SGA Rep BMGT 2017
Abani Pradhan Faculty AGNR 2018
Celina McDonald Faculty LIBR 2017