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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Erin Rooney-Eckel Chair VPSA 2017
Miriam Sharp Exempt Staff VPAF 2018
Kurubel Belay Graduate Student EDUC 2017
Shyama Srikkanth Undergraduate LTSC 2017
Ciera Richardson Undergraduate BSOS 2017
Lee Friedman Faculty CMNS 2018
Nedelina Tchangalova Faculty LIBR 2018
Jeffrey Pickering Faculty BSOS 2018
Michele Callaghan Faculty ARHU 2017
Beth Javier-Wong Ex-Officio-VP University Relations Rep VPUR 2017
Anne Martens Ex-Officio-VP Administration and Finance Rep VPAF 2017
Jeffrey Dunton Non-Exempt Staff CMNS 2017
Garima Sharma Graduate Student ENGR 2017
Lance Yonkos Faculty AGNR 2017
Elizabeth Warner Faculty CMNS 2017
John Zacker Ex-Officio-VP Student Affairs VPSA 2017
Nygel Williams Ex-Officio-GSG Rep SPHL 2017
Mariah Bauer Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep SVPAAP 2017
Lori Ebihara Ex-Officio-Chair of Coaches Council PRES 2017
Katherine Swanson Ex-Officio-SGA Rep BSOS 2017
Beth Cohen Ex-Officio-Chief Diversity Officer SVPAAP 2017