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First Name Last Name Type College Email Term
Philip Evers Chair BMGT 2017
Jeffrey Franke Ex-Officio-Graduate School Rep GRAD 2017
Annie Nichols Graduate Student ARHU 2017
Agisilaos Iliadis Faculty ENGR 2018
Tahirah Akbar-Williams Faculty LIBR 2018
Steve Halperin Faculty CMNS 2018
Susannah Washburn Faculty PLCY 2018
Susan Hendricks Faculty EDUC 2018
Robin Pike Faculty LIBR 2017
Emily Heavin Exempt Staff GRAD 2017
Marilee Lindemann Faculty UGST 2017
Eric McKenzie Exempt Staff CMNS 2017
Richard Klank Faculty ARHU 2017
Christopher Barcase Undergraduate LTSC 2017
Brittany Kuznitz Undergraduate CMNS 2017
Marie-Pierre Diomi Undergraduate ARHU 2017
Douglas Roberts Faculty UGST 2017
Ann Smith Ex-Officio-Undergraduate Studies Rep UGST 2017
Adrian Cornelius Ex-Officio-University Registrar SVPAAP 2017
William Cohen Ex-Officio-Provost's Rep UGST 2017
Britt Reynolds Ex-Officio-Director of Undergraduate Admissions SVPAAP 2017