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Christopher Walsh

walshChristopher Walsh, Senate Chair-Elect

Christopher Walsh is a Professor of Horticulture in the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources at the University of Maryland. For the past four decades, his program has focused on economically-significant questions affecting the production and handling of fruit and vegetable crops. Walsh's field research focuses on horticultural questions limiting productivity, maturity and storageability. During the past few years, his laboratory team has also used culture-dependent and molecular techniques to study the effects of standard production practices on the epiphytic bacteria present on the surface of fresh fruits and vegetables. The goal of this laboratory work is to identify and test metrics for use in food safety assurance programs.

As the department’s Undergraduate Coordinator from 1993 to 2009, Walsh worked with his colleagues to develop curricula that appeal to students from traditional agricultural backgrounds and from urban and suburban areas. Recently, they launched the Environmental Horticulture program in Agricultural Science and Technology. This is proving to be attractive to these same students. In addition to teaching three courses per year in Plant Science, Walsh also advises about 30 students majoring in two areas: PLSC:Horticulture and Crop Production and AGST:Environmental Horticulture.