About the Senate

The University Senate is one of the largest and most influential governing bodies at the University of Maryland. The Senate is composed of faculty, staff, students, and administrators that are peer-elected, volunteer, or appointed. As Senators and Senate Committee members, these constituents directly participate in the shared governance of our University. The primary function of the Senate is to advise the University President on virtually all campus policy matters and concerns, including but not limited to: education, budget, personnel, campus-community, long range plans, facilities, and faculty, staff and student affairs (subject to the limitations imposed by laws or mandates from the University of Maryland System Board of Regents or the Chancellor).

The work of the Senate and Senate Committees is supported and coordinated by the staff in the Senate Office. The Senate Office consists of the Executive Secretary and Director of the Senate (who is a non-voting ex-officio member of both the Senate and Senate Executive Committee), two Senate Committee Coordinators, and a Senate Office Coordinator.